pj20 1455

Won a GNK with this over the weekend.

Got 3 kills, 3 different ways. First was with a Boom when he was floating tags. Second was Urban Renewal into a HPT kill. Third was a naked install of a SSL that he stole and then Punitive FTW.

This is a pretty straight-forward Gag Kill deck modified for the newest MWL. SIU / Judge / HHN / Econ warefare allow you to tag the runner and keep them tagged.

Boom / HPT for the kill, or Punitive if you have the opportunity. 3x Consulting Visit for maximum flexibility.

Commerical Bankers, Turtlebacks, Drudge Work and Rashida are the econ.

MoGo just in case they don't have an AI breaker, or to make them install one and spend money.

Boot Camp is a great surprise index ruiner.

9 Oct 2018 pj20

Oops, list I played actually had Boom! instead of a second Tech Startup