Combat Mosh Reloaded - 4th at Berlin SC

Quercia 277

First of all thanks @Pommes for creating this aberration of a Deck.

This Outfit looks like the Rude deck that has been going around, but this one is WAY meaner. With every dig you kill a worm, or with every run you shoot a program.

Round 1 agains Bl4nk3t on Khumalo - 2 early Yusuf was scary and I scored and SDS and killed one. They drew another one immediately. I iced up centrals with a bunch of Sentries and removed MK Ultra from the game. Pelangi was the only viable option at this point but I managed to send it out the sky. Sorry, Outfit's sky is gloom and grey. From there I just kept scoring for the win.

Round 2 - Albert on Hoshiko - This was a nice game and Hoshiko kept me on my toes. I don't remember how this one went but Paperclip got installed but I manage to ICE up and score before they could contest the remote.

Round 3 against Watzlav on Apoc Haley - 3 hyperdrivers in 3 turns is a lot to deal with. I managed to score an SDS early , set the remote and triple advance CWP. They ran and my only way to save the agenda was rezing a Bullwark sacrificing the SDS. Which I did. I was hoping for them to continue so I could rez Trebuchet and kill Engolo but as an experienced player they jacked out. Stargate kept stargating and even after Icing centrals I was almost in a full lock. But Ika got discarded and I immediately removed it from the game. But a lot of money and simulchip + Engolo eventually got Hailey inside the remote to steal the final agenda. But hey, no apoc this time.

Round 4 against 5N00P1 on Reg Val - That was a weird ass game. They couldn't find draw and I found everything... but agendas to score. After a long series of clicks I sent Clippy to the hell of office supplies and slowly found the necessary agendas to win.

This deck is mean and efficient and I commend @Pommes for having come up with it. If you're a decent person, don't play it. Leave it to Psychopaths who enjoy the sound rigs being shot down. >:D

25 Aug 2020 boreira

cooool one cheers. how is life man?

1 Sep 2020 Quercia

@boreiraWell, a bit better now that we can at least see people again! XD Hope to meet you soon :)