Maximum Destruction [7th at Stockport Regional]

Davo 48

This deck won two rounds of Swiss and IDd into the cut only to lose in the second game of the cut against a skorp that used an atlas token to ark lockdown and skorp two Blorchestra then Hunter Seeker took out the third.

It did manage to beat MCGs scorpion in a play through of one of the games When we ID’d. It’s Similar to a lot of decks floating around but I wanted to fit it to me- I dropped hacktivist, a dirty laundry and other things in order to slot 3 breakers then dropped a paperclip tofit the turntables - I wish I’d managed to get these out against skorp as it was running standoff’s.

They key is to just rush like hell - I only used Levvy once and that was the longest game when I couldn’t find agendas. Eventually coming down to a 1 in 4 access from HQ on 6 points in round 2.

All in all I’ve really enjoyed this deck although I decided on it the night before and I’ve had 50/50 joy with its variations in testing.

End my official competitive year on a high by winning my first play mat after owning my collection for 6 months. Pretty happy with finishing 7th.