HyperNoise - 2016 Durham Regionals winner

dashakan 529

Pretty standard Noise, I wanted to be able to setup my combo even faster so I added 2 IHW. The 46th card is SoT, you probably don't need it, but it may help if you lose Levy to damage or street peddler, and deja vu isn't ideal.

18 Apr 2016 say200426

I want to kindly ask you about the inclusion of Inject, does it worth?

18 Apr 2016 dashakan

The idea is to draw Pawnshop, Wyldeside, and Chronotype as fast as possible, usually by turn 3-4 at the latest. You do not play Inject after you have all of those cards installed, typically. After that, play like normal, use Levy, and continue.

18 Apr 2016 Larro

Great deck, been running something nearly identical for 3 weeks on Jinteki with a 3rd IHW over 3rd Inject, and 2 AI replacing the Clots since CVS is everywhere. Congrats on the win.

20 Apr 2016 moistloaf

grats on the win jesse

22 Apr 2016 nungunz

No archives interface needed for IG? Turbo-milling good enough to handle them?

22 Apr 2016 dashakan

Archives interface is surprisingly ineffective vs IG. There was only one other person at the event I was concerned about that was playing IG (@thebigunit3000) and I decided against teching for just him, and just accept the likely loss if we played. Fortunately, I only played him in the elims, and I corped.

22 Apr 2016 nungunz

With your success of the deck and the more people have played it, I'm expecting more IG in tournaments.

Any thoughts on how to handle it or if it's even worth dedicating some tech against it?

22 Apr 2016 dashakan

Film Critic, and Employee Strike are the best cards vs it. When Slums comes out that seems amazingly strong as well.