Go Fast or Go Home

Hammers 127

I came 4th at my local Store Champs with this deck. It's basically TheBigBoy's Sleeper Hold with a few tweaks made to it so there's not much for me to say other than go read his write up on it. I basically just made a few changes to fit my playstyle and my meta, which I'll explain below, but I wouldn't say it's made it any better than the original list.

The general strategy is go fast. Econ is normally no problem with a combination of the ID, Advanced Assembly Lines and Lateral Growth so just start jamming agendas behind gear checks and try to get a couple out before the runner is set up. Once they are set up you have many options for fast advance so just use those to close out the game.

Card Changes

Cyberdex Virus Suite - In the original write-up TheBigBoy said he didn't need CVS as he never sees clot. Unfortunately I see clot (in fact the tournament was weirdly full of shapers) so I pack CVS. You could cut it if you feel you're safe without it, but almost every game I play ends up fast advancing the last agenda or 2 so I need away out if Clot is around.

Ark Lockdown - I added this in just to try it out when it was released and most games I found a good use for it so it just ended up staying in. Whether you're hitting breakers, econ or LARLAs, you're normally happy playing it.

Fairchild 3.0 - It's just good. It's pretty much always taxing, and was doing a pretty similar job to Ichi 1.0 in the original list (ie being a big tax on centrals) so I just made a straight swap for that and didn't regret it.

Enigma - The original list had 2 Magnets to counter Parasite. Generally I find it hard to use even for that purpose, and pretty much time I rezzed it I was wishing it was something else. So I swapped one for an Enigma and to be honest I would probably just swap the other for an Enigma or maybe a Quandry as they work better with the rush plan.