AFS v2.0

emilyspine 1406

AFS: Ah for F**k Sake which is what your opponent says when they see your fracter

AFS: Ah for F**k Sake which is what your opponent says when they see your fracter.

This is the shaper list rotage and I have been testing for the last couple of months. Dave took v1 to 3rd place at Dutch Nationals and v2 features some major changes including

  • spending the 8 Account Siphon influence on Morning Star (stop laughing), E3 Feedback Implants and Legwork (me) or Slums (rotage), also cutting Shadow Net and Fan Sites

  • dropping Hyperdrivers and Notoriety because slotsm8

  • Adding Beth and Bloo Moose because they're good cards and we kept forgetting to fit Beth into previous builds

Key components of the deck are:

  • Faust to enable early aggression

  • Laguna Velasco to feed Faust and find your stuff

  • Dedicated Processor in case your opponent has ice above strength 5

  • 3 Astrolabe because it's the best shaper console. Don't @ me

  • DDM to win

Tech slots/cards are:

  • Legwork to improve the Moons matchup (was Salsette Slums in earlier versions, to try and tech for prison IG)

  • Feedback Filter for net damage decks as I was afraid of IG/PU (did not need it once on the day)

  • Swapping 1 Strike for 1 Political Operative to improve the Aginfusion matchup (can also be used to hilarious effect against Estelle Moon)

  • 2 NACH to manage Sync and NBN ice more generally

Kate went 3-4 at Nationals, beating 2 Boom Syncs and a Skorp rush. Losses were to 2 moons, a fast Skorp, and a Boom Sol which I lost due to not installing NACH despite having 2 in hand, turns out it's hard to think after 7 rounds of Netrunner.

FYI anyone still shaking their heads at Morning Star being in the deck: Dedicated Morning Star will break Chiyashis for a mere 3 credits each (with a low low setup cost of 7 credits if you can get maximum Kate/Dhegdeer value)

19 Sep 2017 rotage

Morning Star is the best, it's like a parasite that never turns off, you can watch with delight as they throw away their expensive barriers

19 Sep 2017 seeds34

Looks fun, shame I didnt get to see it on the day. Do you have plans for this deck after rotaion, or will it be onto a new project?

19 Sep 2017 seeds34

I see version 1 was Hayley, so I guess thats an option after rotaion.

19 Sep 2017 emilyspine

@seeds34rotage has been thinking about rotation for a couple of weeks, the deck definitely survives but will depend a lot on what the corp meta ends up looking like!

@rotageit's the only way to parasite a Tithonium

19 Sep 2017 stoppableforce

Nothing but love for DDP Morning Star.