CowboyTintin's Option #4 - Worlds 2021 55th Place

CowboyTintin 216

Upon testing out CtM decks for worlds, just because I had an inkling they'd do alright, I happened to play a game against a netizen going by the name of Phoenix+1, who demolished me. Phoenix and I ended up talking for almost 1.5 hours afterwards about the deck, and ways to play it. Phoenix had a number of very interesting, and enlightening suggestions.

When it came to influence, Phoenix said that there were really only 4 influence packages he saw in the wild:

  1. 3 bankers, 2 Boom
  2. Vegan. Jeeves, Marilyn, 3 random HB
  3. 3 Bankers, 1 Boom, something else (archived mem, marilyn, etc...)

and, finally,

  1. 3 bankers, 1 economic warfare, 1 crisium, consulting

As far as Phoenix new, #4 was something somewhat personal and specific to him.

I tried it out, and quite liked it... So I took it to worlds.

This deck ended up going 3-3 ( I had a bye in the first round, due to dumb and happy luck), losing to Radiant's excellently piloted Steve (he got money, and then ran judiciously, and kept the money. Perfect strategy against CtM.), Janktivist's stupidly good meta call of slotting Salsette Slums into MaxX, and a Hoshiko... Although I attribute the last one to my own poor playing, and making one or two extremely costly mistakes (like rezzing a Spin when I had a naked HQ, and drawing two agendas for a total of 3/5 cards in hand being agendas.)

In the end, it was a very solid deck. I could have played it a bit better (although there wasn't really a chance against Janktivist... That Salsette turned the deck off completely), but I'm very happy with my 3-3.

My ultimate place ended up being 55th overall, which is probably my 1st or 2nd best ever placing at a high-level competitive event.