Smoke Stealth Runner / 2 - 1 / Genoa

Dana 43

Our last run on Via Vezzani - 2022.06.15.

Just shaper routine

Install your programs and the taka + mercur engine does the rest.

Match 1 - Architets of Tommorrow: a very poor corp that doesn't allowed me to gain the extra beth click, 1 deep dive failed founding only ikawah projects. Won keeping the pressure on r&d and hq,

Match 2 - Reality Plus: Super cool decklist, tons of prisec and funhouses prevent me to deep dive, a solid trap system (false flags, news team, snares) forced me to play more safe. I had a really strong economy and i kept the pressure forcing to rez and jacking out. Buffer drive saved the game and in the end i've won for mill.

Mtach 3 - Outfit: A fast deck with low number of ices, strong economy and the possibilty to kill. Lost because of audacity on a previously installed Global Food (my dear clot...). I've probably should run more on r&d.