Gang Starr (Berlin Double Play 2019)

boreira 602

Used to play turntable gangsign Leela as a fun deck and thought that it will stay on that shelf forever. But lately I started to play it more often just to have fun with all those fake agendas deck, one of those games with @CodeMarvelous is here:

For my first big tournament was ready to play boring Val but had just bad feelings about stuggling with Mti. So I decide I will try with gangsign leela right before the first game.

First things first, have to say that this build was highly inspired by @tugtetgut gang sign Leela as I saw him also playing her on jnet. So playing against him first game in the tournament was crazy :D

The line of play is easy. Quite important is to steal first agenda by using Ddos + Spear Phishing (great ant Mti card). Than put the gang signs and turntable down and start Fisking + Labor Rights recursion..

Still had a chance to fight with this fun deck for top 3 in a last 2 rounds but finally ended up 11th. Congrats to all the players, especially unbeaten champion @tugtetgut who made so great choice for runner against MTI and @Bl4nk3t who went so far with so oppressive Cybernetics Division

General changes and for new MWL: -3x CF, +1x Daily Casts, +2x Diversion of Founds. Consider using Data Folding in a place od Daily Dasts.

If you never been to Berlin Double Play you have to go next time. This year it had 35 players from 10 countries. And special thanks goes to Dome_ amazing guy who run all this respect!

13 Feb 2019 TugtetguT

Hey congrats on your performance! Was great to meet and play a fellow Leela degenerate :D

14 Feb 2019 boreira

@TugtetguThello champ!