Fear the Cane! (Top 8 Canadian Nationals)

goodknite 142

This deck is a hodge podge of ideas that when they come together become amazingly powerful. The stealth suite is really strong but it is hard to assemble. So I decided to run it out of Wu, for speed then hopefully rebirth into Smoke as a 0 cost Cloak. 3 Pelangi help contest any server right from the get go. The problem is cash is slow for now, clicking Kati Jones is good money but dangerous against Sea Source All Seeing I.

When looking at consoles I needed something with enough MU for the stealth suite and clot, and Pelangi. I ended up with Knobkerie, which is great to keep pelangis powered up and deadly. With Knobkerie it just made sense to then include an Imp to help contest assets or combo pieces.

First matchup against Building a Better World I managed to set up really quick and pull some quick early accesses and recover from SDS Drone score before breakers got Ark Lockdown

Second Matchup was against Argus, which was everywhere during nats. I got out Imp turn 1 and contested an unprotected HQ with everything I had. Film critic was crucial here and absolutely the best Unicorn in the meta for most decks.

Third matchup against Aginfusion I managed to get into a server without a barrier breaker with 2 barriers and 2 nisei counters, by overwriting pelangis with clonechips. It was a highlight for the day and a good proof of concept.

Overall the econ was short. I would put in some Stimhack and maybe give up a deuces wild or Peace in our time. Although I never forced the clot it was always left within arms reach and I'm sure it helped a ton with the amount of purges it got.

This was a fun deck idea to craft and play with. Always play something you will enjoy in tournaments cause they last a while!