The TagMe Maxx Deck the FFG Stream Commentators were talking

robotmascot 193

tfw you get your 20th tag

They kept talking about wanting to see my deck, I DELIVER IT. (Gotta get these internet points while the getting's good >_>)

This took 38th at Worlds, so make of that what you will in terms of competitiveness. It's a powerful combo deck with a lot of obviously vulnerabilities (CVS, Best Defense, etc) that eventually builds up to accessing enough of R&D to all but guarantee the win.

I've been on Countersurveillance Anarch since Crimson Dust dropped. Obviously the power level is much lower without Account Siphon, but in general things are weaker now, so it... mostly works out?

Most choices are pretty obvious. Get tags with God of War (preferably multiples), then eventually Mars for Martians, install Countersurveillance, install Dean Lister, see a ton of cards off R&D. Stimhack for contesting remote, Jarogniew Mercs to not die, Dummy Box for Best Defense. Archives Interface was a tech choice that proooobably should be something else, but I wanted hardware to discard to protect Obelus with Dummy Box.

Round 1: Played vs. Mushin Palana, which is overall a very swingy matchup. Basically if you can get and keep Obelus you have the handsize to not care about whether their advanced cards are traps or not, because damage is not a problem. He managed to get my Obelus and I took four brain damage, didn't find another Obelus after the Levy, and he eventually managed to fork me into "this might be Ronin and death, or double Neural and death," I guessed wrong, died.

Round 2 vs. Titan: He scored an Atlas, things looked grim, but a desperate countersurveillance for a meager four cards managed to see both of the other two Atlases. He was stuck, and eventually I just accessed all of R&D.

Round 3 vs. Tennin: This was a spicy Tennin deck, with Consulting Visit for Boom! I failed to play around it hard enough, and perished.

Round 4 vs. SYNC: If you're ever playing against God of War, I tell you now and I tell you truly, rezzing IP Block is the worst thing you can do. It gave me Tag Magnum Opus, and so I accelerated enough to outrace him pretty easily. He put a Resistor on R&D, but I got my handsize higher than my tag count and Dean Lister'ed over it.

Round 5 vs. PE: In a tragic twist, I had to face my KoS teammate Orbital_Tangent in a duel where only one of us could be live afterwards. I got my handsize up to enough where I didn't really need to fear Data Loop, but he purged a few times which meant I couldn't get through Komainu without getting annihilated. Eventually with a second God of War out, I can get through to R&D and hold on to 8 cards. I access the top ALL OF R&D, and win.

Round 6 vs. CI: I am a monster and declined the ID with netjogging (one of the nicest people in Netrunner) because I wanted to have a better chance of making top 16. He was on Brain Rewiring/Show of Force combo (as was I). My outs in this matchup are basically delay with SMC until I can get my handsize high enough that it starts being a problem to Brain Rewire me, or stick a Jarogniew Mercs. I was on a slow start, and probably should have just installed Mercs, cleared the tag, and gone for single accesses using God of War (clearing the tag after), but the glacial pace of that sounded worse in my head at the time. He pretty rapidly rewired my brain, but this ended up putting us split anyway and took me to Day 2.

Day 2: Round 7 vs. Skorpios: He was on Skorpios with 3 Best Defense, probably my worst matchup.... It didn't work out well. Round 8: Ironically a replay of the match I played in icebreaker. Titan is a bad matchup right up until you steal an Atlas and they can't fast advance out.

5 Nov 2017 x3r0h0ur

Severnius stim implant is nuts. much better than AI.

5 Nov 2017 robotmascot

@x3r0h0urI had it in there for the longest time, found I wasn't ever really using it, then took it out, cycled back to wanting an extra hardware in there, and didn't really rethink it despite it almost certainly being correct over AI.

6 Nov 2017 Möbius Striptease

Commentator Alex Davy here. You were briefly lined up to play on the Twitch stream against a tag-heavy Controlling the Message deck, and I was excited to see that match-up play out! Unfortunately, everything got re-paired that round so my dreams withered on the vine. Thanks for posting this! I'm excited to play with it myself.

6 Nov 2017 robotmascot

@Möbius Striptease`It was an honor to be mentioned! :p Yeah, the CTM matchup is interesting because you're both building toward each other's win conditions. In my experience the matchup moderately favors CTM, because Psychographics + Beale is such a blowout (and QPM is basically three free points), but if you can get a good Countersurveillance and clear out the top bunch of cards in R&D, you can frequently build up to a finishing run where you access enough to steal everything else. One of the important parts is that the CTM player will try to put a Resistor or two on R&D, at which point you'll need to keep your handsize above your tag count by ~3 to successfully do the deep dig (since it's Mars for Martians, Dean Lister, Countersurveillance, use Countersurveillance). Keeping SMC up for Clot is great if you can, but MaxX giveth and MaxX milleth the top two.

6 Nov 2017 Möbius Striptease

@robotmascotIn the alternate universe in which that game played out, I was rooting for you. Thanks for the insights!

6 Nov 2017 Damien Stark

"rezzing IP Block is the worst thing you can do. It gave me Tag Magnum Opus"

A veritable "Tagnum Opus", if you will...

7 Nov 2017 neuropantser

Congrats on the finish! Do you think you'd make any changes in the brave new PU meta?

(Though this deck didn't make it on camera in the main event, you can see it in action during the icebreaker--

8 Nov 2017 rubyvr00m

Have you considered slotting The Shadow Net? It seems like it would be really good in the CtM matchup so you could forfeit GFI's instead of having them exchanged. Bonus points for being yet another way to potentially recur the Levy if you really needed to.

10 Nov 2017 robotmascot

@neuropantserNot specifically, although x3r0h0ur's Severnius Stim Implant reminder is almost a strict upgrade.

@rubyvr00mThe Shadow Net is an interesting thought, I'll try it out (I don't expect this deck to get hit by much in the way of Ban/Restricted list changes, and I like it, so I'll probably be on it for a while). It does have some notable limitations in that it can't recur Mars for Martians or Peace in Our Time, (Priority events booo), and the deck doesn't have space for Fan Sites. That said, The Shadow Net IS a fantastic card, very possibly worth exploring.

17 Jan 2018 zafuri

@robotmascot I'd been running almost the same version but with a twist to include ultra fast "declare I'm tag me install damn GoW" with Frantic Coding and resources no other than Dean Lister and Countersurveillance and Same Old Thing.

I find that playing as less Resources add possible put me super focused and lacks the flexibility. How do you find changing great works for this deck? Do you think running minimal resources is a good choice?