Startup rush PD - undefeated @ Lazy Worm

cableCarnage 1290

Just the usual rush PD, similar to the one currently plaguing standard. This is only marginally slower and can win under 10 turns without issue.

card choices

  • Agenda suite: the deck is fast enough that Vacheron is rarely a liability. The rest are all tempo positive agendas.
  • Nico Campaign is nice as something to jam in the remote if you don't find agendas.
  • Fully Operational is the best card draw available even with a single iced remote. It is mostly used to draw cards to find an agenda to jam and provide Anoetic Void fuel.
  • Ice suite: pretty happy with it. Hagen feels like the weakest ice so I'll test it in the future with fewer copies. Magnet and Drafter are great gearchecks while the rest is relatively taxing.
  • Upgrades: you want to force runners to keep checking a horrible remote so many upgrades help. Skunkworks + Void is game winning so we play as many copies as possible. Tranquility Home Grid is there for HB's signature click efficiency.
9 Jun 2021 ArminFirecracker

This is so strong. This should be banned, as well as in Standard. But at least more fun then GameNET.

7 Jul 2022 DrBo6

YsengrinSC did a video on it: