facet v1.1 (2nd @ AMT October)

jan tuno 3053

It's still Facet. A couple slots were changed but the strategy is still essentially the same. Audacity was actually the worst card in the deck and it's fine for it to go.

People are moving towards a variety of trashy, mulchy decks (Hoshiko, Freedom, Loup) that are able to very consistently deny this list the ability to execute its gameplan at all. I believe this was a great pick for Worlds for multiple reasons, but it's probably time to shelve it for a while. I'm still glad that I was able to give both of my Worlds decks some more time, and especially to showcase mulch on stream, given that I failed to do it at Worlds. Let's find some meaner corps now :3

30 Oct 2023 Council

Great pick for simmulchiple reasons