Cruise Tao (6th @Interconts, 2nd best runner ID)

Sokka 5265

Spent a week without wifi on a cruise ship but I just had to figure something out to play in intercontinentals because those foil bridgemans don’t win themselves :D

Cruise Tao is honestly a pretty fitting name because the high concentration of money and draw in this 40 card deck makes turns feel very smooth and relatively straightforward to play; set up a crushing late game and contest where you need to prevent the corp from winning early.

I feel like this is a very clean list but there can be a number of bad matchups so it’s probably not a great choice for a regular tournament without open decklists.

As for the tournament itself, I mispredicted the interconts meta expecting a lot more HB and/or Keeling decks. I was unlucky to be paired against Jai’s Asset R+ but lucky to be paired against Rotom’s Glacier Azmari.

See y’all at worlds 💚

4 Sep 2023 Jai

Tao second best runner confirmed

I got extremely lucky to be paired against you that round, actually let out an audible 'oof' when I parsed your decklist and noted the tech (or lack thereof). Only Stargate as multiaccess in particular is despair vs ARES.

All the best for Worlds!

6 Sep 2023 Spiph

So then who is the 1st best runner ID?

6 Sep 2023 Sokka

@Spiph it’s a jab at the lack of runner ID diversity at intercontinentals. There was 8 Hoshiko, 2 Arissana, and this lone Tao. I finished 6th and the top 5 was all Hoshiko so Tao is second best runner ID 😆

7 Sep 2023 Bridgeman

Ey Intercontinentals was more diverse than it should have been xD We should have 100% Hoshiko for all players who want to win games :D

16 Sep 2023 Spiph

How would you modify this list for the new no-Keeling meta?

18 Sep 2023 Sokka

@Spiph I alluded to this a little bit in the writeup: I don’t think I would ever bring this to a regular tournament because it doesn’t have the money to contest asset decks and the set up speed can be slow if you’re going into a game without knowing the corp’s decklist.

With that said, maybe the Pinholes can go now with Keeling banned? Still lots of reasons to play Pinhole tho so I can’t be sure but alternatives could be to play 2x Bahia Bands OR cut the No Free Lunch, add the 3rd Hermes, and put in 2x Dirty Laundry