AFS V1.0 - 3rd Dutch Nationals

rotage 2626

Not much to say about this deck. it went 4-2 in Swiss and 1-1 in the cut.

Laguna - Your draw engine to get setup and for Faust food Astrolabe - Draw against Asset spam decks Employee Strike - Mainly for Aginfusion decks Shadow Net - Either for Siphon spam or Sure gamble if you are low on credits Adept/Savant - Used for Anti-AI ice but I used them more than expected in games where I had a lot of spare econ New Angeles City Hall To avoid tags when siphoning but more importantly to stop Sync kill decks

I'm looking at dropping Account Siphon as it didn't do as much work as I hoped and as we have key resources the deck can never go tag me and without New Angeles City Hall it can become too much of a tempo hit

15 Aug 2017 stoppableforce

8 influence is almost enough for a DDOS and a Keyhole. #dyperlives

15 Aug 2017 rotage

@stoppableforceHmm, that is an interesting idea