Aldershot: Asa

protolich 10

My Asa deck for the Aldershot regional.

First game vs Geist. I got to 6 points early but was simply unable to get over the line. Gesit ground me to the ground. And then ground me some more.

Second game vs Maxx. Managed to Lockdown both Black Orchestra but it didn't matter as I was unable to find more than one code gate. This was over quickly.

Third was against Reavershop Wu. This was a good game. Lots of interesting interaction going on both ways. In the end I was able to drag them through my remote enough times to get the win.

The fourth game was against Leela. Very close again, in the end it came down to a single credit on game point for both of us. They could not afford to break my second Surveyor on my scoring remote and Asa got it's second win!

The fifth game was against Reg Val. I got flooded early on having 3 Eff Comms & an SSL find their way to HQ. I managed to stabilise somewhat but Indexing bought Val the win.

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