Azmari: It's just Azmari again 1st 3-1 in Swedish Nationals

Ochan 9

I brought my favorite type of nice midrangey NBN to Nationals. Heavily based on cableCarnage's Laurazmari with a Seamless Launch and Enigma replaced with Mavirus and Magnet for the Anarch meta. Mavirus ended up being quite useful, Magnet never really came up.

This deck did really well in keeping the decks that was less focused on raw value poor. The Esa decks were really struggling doing anything except for breaking one server every turn with Bankhar. They usually just have to go Tagme in the end which would end up bad for them.

The loss was against Bridgemans Hoshiko list that kept on just being permanently rich for most of the games. I made an error in not prioritizing trashing his resources when I had the chance.

I had a great time meeting the Swedish Netrunner Community and I hope to see you all again as a previously exclusively online player!