SpaMM - Bay Area GNK winner

pj20 1455

FULL DISCLOSURE - this is not an easy deck to pilot.

I love me some spam, and I love playing "off-meta" decks. This deck is extremely powerful in the best of times, and extremely capable even in the worst of times.


Install things and FA agendas from hand with a variety of tricks. Force your opponent to trash stuff they can't afford and have it not matter anyway.

The goal is to trigger the ID as many times as possible, as well as have turns where you trigger MirrorMorph AND Jeeves, with what I call the JEEVESMORPH special.

An easy one is with MCA - Click MCA, pop MCA, install agenda (MM Trigger) .... Adv Adv Adv (Jeeves Trigger) ... Team Spo back MCA, click MCA (preferably with Mumba credits).... and still have clicks left over

I won the GNK with a walkoff... click/pop MCA, install Vituvius (MM Trigger), Lady Lib an Ikawah, triple advance FTW.

You don't need a ton of real money because of Advanced Assembly Lines, Nanoetching, Mumba & Rashida. Fake money is amazing if you know how to use it. Be sure to rez as much as possible on the runner's turn w Mumba.

If they are not running Film Critic, just protect your Lakshmi's and the game should be easy. It's not hard to wrack up the counters and putting it behind a Tour Guide is brutal, and Drafter becomes a MUST-BREAK.

If they are running Film Critic, force them to use it. They will still need 2 clicks to unload that agenda, so put down as many FA tools as possible (Bass, Calibration, MCA) while they steal the agenda you reveal.

If they have Clot, Cyberdex is your friend, and be sure to use your Scapenet on the New Clone Chip so they can't recur it. Purge with Jeeves and or use your MCA clicks since you'll have plenty left over with the ID.

Team Sponsorship targets are generally refreshing Lady Liberty... possibly getting back Lakshmis or usually just abusing MCA.

The ice can sometimes feel irrelevant, but you're not installing any agendas behind ice, it's usually 100% just scoring from hand. Therefore another use of Scapenet is getting rid of Turning Wheel so they don't keep running through Drafter or a 0-strength Gatekeeper.

All in all, this deck is a BLAST, and I highly recommend giving it a whirl, especially if you are a fan of spam, or your meta doesn't have a lot of Film Critic.