NAPD Moon (4th place Australian Nationals, 2nd after Swiss)

crushedguava 189

Based off the initial shell of: with the 1 unused influence.

Spicy includes was the 1 NAPD Contract (the 3rd GFI is unnecessary given no Lakshmi) which was relevant in a few games e.g. someone unwilling to steal when low on credits, another game when it was stolen putting them onto 0 (which made it very relavant in a Political Operative vs Moon battle), and in the top cut where Lock Hayley had to slot it onto a film critic, losing them precious clicks and allowing me to Biotic out when they were on the verge of the lock.

Bioroid Work Crew also did a lot of work, scoring me GFIs for the win in 2 games in Swiss.

MCA Austerity Policy was only briefly tested, but I didn't feel that it agreed with the philosophy of this deck, which is to go fast and score out, rather than slow yourself to slow the runner.

Swiss: 1) win vs Andy, 2) win vs Andy, 3) win vs Whizz, 4) ID, 5) ID.

Top Cut: 1) win vs Lock Hayley, 2) loss vs Andy.

Further discussion on an upcoming episode of The Winning Agenda.