Mad MaxX - Worlds 2021 55th Place

CowboyTintin 216

This is the MaxX deck that I brought to Worlds 2021. I lucked into a bye at the very beginning of the event, so my end stats are a bit skewed, but this deck went 3-3, winning against an SSO, an ACME, and a Sportsmetal, and losing two two different PDs (one piloted by Radiant, and the other by Janktivist, who placed 28th and 3rd respectively, so I don't feel too badly, lol), and a Palana that I just couldn't quite keep enough cards in hand to steel the winning Obokata from.

All in all, it was a solid deck. I suffered some very bad draws on the day, once again continuing my streak of losing every game that I play that is streamed. :) (Here's the stream, btw... Complete with Andrej corroborating that I was milling a bunch of the things I needed. lol. My runner game starts at the 5:15 mark.) Bad draws which my two most challenging opponents made excellent use of capitalizing against.

At the end of the day, this deck along with my corp (CtM) brought me up to 55th place. My goal for the tournament was top 3rd, so I was extremely pleased with that. There was at least one game I know that I could have won, as well as a handful of lines I could have played better... So, all in all, a very positive experience with opportunity for improvement.

I'll be very, very sad to see MaxX go with the upcoming rotation. Playing her has been one of the most impactful elements of this game for me, back when I and my local buddies would get together at all sorts of oddball bars and pubs to play dimply lit games until late at night. Definitely a lot of memories, as well as life lessons, too.

So, assuming this will probably be the last high-level tournament in which I'll pilot this wonderful character of Netrunner... So long, old friend.