Team sabotage >:( (35@emea)

aksu 399

Jai can go kick rocks with mentioning in the writeup that light the fire is a good card in world tree arissana! There is real danger for PD players out there that are in serious danger with evil words like that. Espesially if they start cutting Border Controlls. Not cool fam. (For the lawyers this part is a joke. Jai is great and I am the biggest Jai fan around.)

It feels wildin that for a long time I read in some of the best decks around "Most of the credit for this deck goes to The King. I only put a couple finishing touches at the end. "

And now I am in the same spot. The King is just a goated deckbuilder, player and human being. (ofc PD is PD and you cant reinvent wheels :D)

Tatu-bola does cook really hard. BC is good but your remotes are already cracked for freebies lategame so ergh. Tatu bola lets you setup a shnasty remote while being really frustrating for fam bankhar.

double void is also pretty sick in a world where runners are smoking on that devils lettuce and cutting pinholes. You get one online behind a BBB (Big Brother Bran) maybe with a managarm skunkyworks and just start jamming some tunes in there.

Ablative is a flex ice that you can tune to taste. Options include magnesh and hagen. Witch both do kinda nothing lategame. so ablative is the best of the worst. Didnt do anything during the game but it was doing some camping on RnD to get me Rashidas/voids on the remote.

Tournament was sick. TOs did great work. TAIB did great work. The pizzeria outside the venue did great work. (altho its not good as Finnish pizza.) See you everybody at German nats next time.

2 Jul 2024 AlPi

Pizza tier list when?

3 Jul 2024 HaverOfFun

I will fight you for the role of buggest Jai fan! You better square up

3 Jul 2024 Jai

This Jai fellow sure gets mentioned a lot for not even showing up to the bloody event eh