Kill All Menz - 5 wins from 6 at local SC

lunchmoney 259

Took this to a local SC this weekend and it did ok. Played 4 round of swiss, didn't make the cut (due to my crappy Apex deck letting me down), but then played 2 other matches against others who also didn't make the cut. The only loss this deck suffered was against Whizzard/Slums (who went on to win the whole thing). Though it won against another player's Whizzard/Slums (the main difference was the game I lost saw the Slums immediately, the game I won didn't see Slums until it was too late).

In all the games I only scored 2 agendas - House of Knives. To aid the killing. The rest of the agendas sat in the bin behind the porous ICE ready to be shuffled back in with Jackson should the runner try to rummage in there (though no one did.... Odd that...)

Between Jackson and the Anonymous Tips your draw is fine. Meaning 54 cards is not really a problem. An average 3 turns went like this:

1 - install 3 things,

2 - draw cards,

3 - diversify your portfolio or install 3 things.

The Hostiles go on the Breaker Bays.

I was torn between rezzing Bio-Ethics immediately or waiting until the Hostile/Breaker Bay combo was also in place to give them a little protection. Though I found it made no difference. 4 of the 5 wins were kills when the runner deck was empty and they got 3 Neural Emps to the face. The 5th was when a runner left all three Bio-Ethics alive for a triple rez then triple Emp kill.

During the weeks before one of my regular opponents asked why only 2 Hedge Fund and 2 Diversified Portfolios? I've found that's enough. I played them more than twice each. Between Friends, Jackson, and the Museum your recursion is amazing - I was never poor (of course there isn't really much to spend it on, but keeping at least 10 credits to rez DNA and a couple of assets is always good). Plus in one practice match I played Scarcity of Resources 9 times, much to my opponent's annoyance.

Only Code Gate ICE was not a problem. The runner has to respect the fact the AP Sentries exists and face checking will be painful, so most wont run until they get a breaker ready. Giving you time to install all the assets.

I think the rest is self explanatory.

Employee Strike early on is a pain, but that's what Scarcity of Resources is for (on top of annoying resource heavy runners).

err.... First published deck and I'm sure not what else to write....

Enjoy :)

17 Jan 2017 Sanjay

This looks neat! Anonymous Tip is a bit unconventional and I really like it as a solution to playing a 54 card deck. Very cool.

If you had the time to share your Apex list, I would appreciate seeing. It's hard work getting Apex to work; it would be nice to hear your thoughts on what worked and didn't work after playing a tournament with the entity.

18 Jan 2017 lunchmoney

Tips surprised a lot of people, but it did the job of replenishing the hand after a 3 install turn.

My Apex deck was either very bad or very badly piloted (1 win from 6).

20 Jan 2017 Myriad

Why no Voter Intimidation? Seems pretty good as a x2 of.

20 Jan 2017 lunchmoney

Voter Intimidation never occurred to me. Might be good. Why not give it a try? I'm leaving Jinteki for a bit.