Apex, 1 win from 6 at SC.

lunchmoney 259

Publishing this on request. It is either bad or badly piloted. I achieved 1 win from 6 at a SC, though I was managing about 33% win rate in testing (though this final set up was never tested...)

18 Jan 2017 Sanjay

Thanks for publishing it!

Seems like it shares a lot of themes with other Apex decks I've seen... what do you think was the problem? Did Glaciers grind you out, making it impossible to Apocalypse? Too slow to get set up?

18 Jan 2017 lunchmoney

Main problem I think was me. Too scared to apocalypse most of the time and other times I'd play it at completely the wrong time.

The Out of Ashes trick was nice. Get a run or two done before click one, leaving room to apocalypse and rummage in archive.

The biggest problem was nbn ice. They stop the breaker dead, meaning overmind gets overworked.

The speed of draw was ok and the only part that worked consistently; I would use that combo again and will be looking at it for other runners.

18 Jan 2017 zagzagal

Just some advice from my time playing Apex. Breaking ice is often very overrated, especially against NBN. Unless you are expecting to hit quantum, taking a tag on the run is no big deal and is often worth the clicks and creds to remove than to try to out trace, or break. Archangel's bounce is often fine as all of your cards are cheap, cheaper than breaking the ice. The end the runs (which all most all nbn's actual stopping ice are) can be broken with hunger.

Clear tags as you can, apoc early if possible. Destroying the early ice is very important to Apex, most decks will start to founder if 3 or 4 of the ~13 ice are destroyed early. Try to drag them off of their prepared plan into a game of sloppy single access netrunner. Early game netrunner is very slanted to the runner, the corp is pressed to have the clicks and the credits to stabilize. Try and force them to draw for ice, this brings agendas into HQ where you should probability be hitting hard after the first apocalypse.

With heartbeat you are hard to kill so you can take almost all ice in the game on the chin and be fine. Hunger and Overmind are disposable, you have more breakers in this deck than all but Geist and yours break almost everything that is important. Hold breakers back so after you faceplant an Ichi (and go thru it, Heartbeat can prevent the damage) you can just drop another breaker and keep going.

18 Jan 2017 lunchmoney

Thanks for the advice; if I go back to Apex it'll be helpful as it is for others just starting to use him.

18 Jan 2017 doldol161

The only problem I found for apex is tracer, Resistor hurt. Slot some Gingerbread, he's really useful (break all Tracer, along with Ichi 1.0 or Assassin).

Play like dumblefork thing, facecheck everything, break once, never break it again til you Apocalypse or Prey. Asset spam annoying? They don't have too much ice, so keep their ice thin, its how apex win this game.

20 Jan 2017 Myriad

I also would suggest considering Paperclip as an answer to Resistor. You can install it face down and eat it in a run, letting you install it in a run!

All of the heap breakers are great.