Sifman Kate 1st @ The Deep SC, Hsv AL

sjohn 106

Not really too awful much extra to say Şifr + Parasite + Atman. Some Sports Hopper for protection, and Misdirection & Paricia to help with the CtM matchup as well as being Scavenge target for an extra parasite recursion and Technical Writer pumper.

R1 - Tracey-Boomy CtM: This match went about as well as I could hope. I got Paricia early and was able to keep the worst assets off of the board. His museum did a lot of work and eventually was able to out money me just enough. Luckily I had Misdirection in hand at that point and installed, did something else and cleared the tags. He was running a lot of 5/3s so I was able to luck into a win off R&D.

R2 - Off the Grid BABW: This matchup is against a local that I've tested this deck the past few weeks, as soon as the pairing were called he was already sweating this matchup as it is incredibly favored for Kate with instant speed parasite recursion and heavy R&D pressure.

R3 - CI7: We ID'd the round but played the match out for fun. I got an early agenda going up to 2. put Temüjin Contract onto HQ and made him shuffle his 20+ card hand 5 times in a turn not lucking into anything. I later picked up another 2 agendas off of R&D making it very close, but 2 turns later he combo'd out through my clot for the win. A Sacrificial Construct might be a better include than "Freedom Through Equality" if CI7 continues to be so strong.

Ended up 1st in Swiss, with a 2-1 record as far as the decks go, 5-1 overall b/c of the ID.

Elimination Rounds:

The CI7 player got 2nd so I knew my best strategy for the eliminations would be to play runner first to give me a chance to corp against him if he won in the first round of the finals.

E1 - Tracey-Boomy CtM: I was able to poke R&D and HQ enough to win again in this match. I baited out the HHN again into Misdirection, trashed his Bankers and cleared all of the tags and the game was pretty squarely in my favor with Sensie firing each turn and me digging R&D.

This was my only runner game of the elimination rounds. I ended up facing the CI7 player in E2 and he had played CI7 so I was able to play my corporation, I was able to win that matchup and moved onto the finals. He had to randomize the loser's final side and landed on corporation which allowed me to play as my corporation again in the finals first. I went on to win that match to win the Store Championship.