DumbleŞifr - 3rd Place, Family Time Games SC

scd 188

Finished 3rd in a small, 10-person SC at Family Time Games in Indianapolis, IN on Jan 28th, 2017.

Nothing really unique or fancy here. I took josh01's most recent (3x Strike) Dumblefork, put 2x Şifr in because it's a card that, like, does things that makes everyone happy, and threw in a single Déjà Vu just because I am always terrified of losing cards. I didn't do great with this deck all day -- only two real wins with it on the day, I think (first round I swept, then Corp split, then Corp split, then IDed; in the cut, I won with this, then lost two as Corp). It's Dumblefork, it has Şifr, there's not a lot more to say.

I'll say this, though -- even against CI7 and Boom kill decks, this deck has game. I IDed vs. the sole CI7 player in the final round, but we decided to play some friendly games just to play and I... was surprised how I completely destroyed him? The ICE didn't matter for CI7 and he had a total of three trashable cards (Jacksons), but the 3x Strike call plus Slums made this amazing. I got a Slums down early, accessed a lucky Jackson on a single R&D access and removed from the game. Then spammed Employee Strike with the theory that with one Jackson out of the game, there's no way he'd dump a drawn Jackson into the trash and risk digging for the final one; after about 4-5 turns of waiting, I hit HQ and find the second Jackson, Slums it, and now it's basically impossible to pull off the combo. Won very quickly after that.

In the cut vs. Blue Sun, similar work done by Slums (removing both Booms from the game and thus removing the teeth from the deck). Şifr was, of course, useful to nullify any ICE and so Medium digs were free and easy.

I'm a lousy player otherwise, so lost to IG49 (in Swiss and the cut) and lost to the Blue Sun I beat in the cut during swiss. Oh well.