Running can be PAINFUL

CF040786 8

Trying to combine advanceable ice with the ID. This is a rough draft. Please comment suggestions or tips to make it stronger.

21 Jul 2022 Mancini

Before I begin, let me just say that you should take my suggestions with a grain of salt. I'm not that good at the game and I only have a 40% winrate on jnet. Still, I suppose I'll give you some critiques.

Let's start with ice. First thing you need to do is add 3x Mausolus. It's easily the best advanceable ice in the game. Even when unadvanced it's still an excellent piece of ice that takes a pretty penny to break. To make space, cut the Asteroid Belts and the Builders. Asteroid Belt is a mediocre piece of ice for the cost, especially since Paperclip exists. I know you're supposed to triple advance it so you can get it for free, but at that point it's better to use Akhet since it works as an early game gear check and has a first sub that's very synergistic with your ID. Builder is so click intensive and positional that you're better off manually advancing your ice. Masvingo is nice since it starts with a counter, but I'm not sure if you have the space.

I'd also advise you to try to cut down to 44 cards for consistency. Some suggestions include cutting a Priority Construction, a Wake Up Call, Sandburg, and at least 1 Fractal Threat Matrix (truth be told, I'd advise you to ditch the Fractal Threat Matrices altogether—your deck isn't rich enough to use them effectively). I'm not sure what Archived Memories is for; I'd recommend scrapping them and using the influence for Spin Doctors and maybe Snare!s. Maybe toss in some Prisecs if you have space to maximize the number of small cuts you're inflicting on the runner.

Then again, none of these suggestions can really fix the fact that BoN as a whole is a sub-par ID. Weyland just isn't equipped to grind out the runner the way Jinteki is, and rush strategies can be better accomplished using other IDs like Argus. Curious to see what the second iteration of this deck is.

21 Jul 2022 CF040786

@Mancini sooo......... someone has made a 2.0 version of my deck and boy did they improve upon it. The deck is titled Running can be PAINFUL 2.0

I really think it is worth a look. I'll be running it instead of mine. It has a lot of synergies built in with some more run stops too.