Gabe v2

GarfieldMew 404

Version 2 as some modifictions from my Core Only 9 months ago. Flashpoint cycle was real reason for the changes.

Round 1 vs Titan Transnational (4-7) Lose I started fast running blind and reckless to no avail apart from hitting 2 early snares. It made me lose momentum and ensure that Corp had enough time to go 4-0 up with 2x Hostile takeover and a Project Atlas out of hand with the help of Biotic Labour. He cleverly covered his HQ and RnD with low cost ETR ice, shutting me out following the snare taking out a couple of my breakers. By the time I had recovered he installed an Oaktown Renovation forcing me to run and hit a pre-planned Archer. This was costly very costly but still managed to access. He played his Biotic Labour combo with Project Atlas as I squeezed another agenda but when I walked into a Howard Jackson it was only a matter time as he replaced his BL back into the deck and waited for the right time to combo again.

Round 2 vs Cybernetics (7-0) Win This was 1/3 playing against the CriticalTwits podcast team. I knew them well having play tested and train them down the local pub. I went racing away into R&D and found multiple agenda then even hitting a snare didn't matter recovered with a Sneakdoor Beta as his hand was full of agendas.

Round 3 vs HB EtF (7-0) Win This was 2/3 CriticalTwit - even though this was the first time I met him, I had heard a lot about what he would play. Another quick start his R&D ice was an expensive Heimdall 2.0 which he couldn't afford following an initila run on HQ. this yeilded 2 agends on turn one. He never really got going and to be sure I played a couple Infiltration just to avoid traps but still held my nerve to walk through ichi 3x time trashing all programs each time to obtain agendas.

Round 4 vs IG (0-0) Flatlined, Lose This was 3/3 CriticalTwit - Joe by far the strongest and most experience. I had never actuall manage to beat this deck in practise and hence was hoping for a miracle. that never came. Hitting early shock and he installed cortex lock over archives just after installed Desperado with no programs was not fun. force to trash a bio-ethic for 7 credits and then he ulitmate combo'd - rez Ronin, play Dedicated Ceremony and advance to wave bye bye - along with my chances of a Top 4 finish as I was actually sitting 3rd before the start of this last round.