Team Turtles Woking

lpoulter 955

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9 Feb 2017 leachrode

The Remote Data Farm really brings this together, obviously intentional slot, was scored against me in the cut and the psychological warfare factor kicked me out of the game

9 Feb 2017 lpoulter

When i regale my greatest feats to my grandkids that moment will rank as one of my greatest.

9 Feb 2017 johnofarc

Not sure I agree with Remote Data Farm. Isnt the 5 credits from an Exploda more useful?

9 Feb 2017 CodeMarvelous

I see Turtles and TS in NEH I am on board.

9 Feb 2017 lpoulter

@johnofarcsir you are correct. However on the day i could not find where i had left my 3rd Exploda of Palooza.

9 Feb 2017 phette23

No NASX or was Quorum not legal? Seems an easy swap for a PAD & might even trigger given the Turtlebacks.

9 Feb 2017 johnofarc

`@lpoulter, fair enough!

10 Feb 2017 gozik

nice build!

13 Feb 2017 Grimwalker

how do you not die screaming to Salsette Slums?

14 Feb 2017 westonodom

I played a very similar deck (-2 popup, -1 dbs, +1 nasx, +2 macrophage) at a monthly GNK and an SC this past weekend and can answer that @Grimwalker - the deck can honestly install enough things and move fast enough to out-pace whiz + slums if neh has a better draw.

The deck is great, and can hold up to a lot of hate. it really forces runner action.