Protoss 419 - 1st at Enschede SC

cableCarnage 2597

Runner deck I took to Enschede SC. Went 3-1 beating Argus, Jemison and Azmari and losing to Blue Sun.

The deck is a pretty standard Nexus 419 with Stargate.

Card highlights:

  • The Class Act is amazing.
  • Bukhgalter is arguably the best killer in the game.
  • Blueberry Diesel is good early on when digging for Aumakua/Nexus/Citadel but in the late game it essentially becomes draw a card. I will try replacing it with Earthrise.
  • Stargate is amazing if the corp keeps R&D lightly protected but pretty useless vs glacier. I think including it is a meta call.
  • Corporate Grant: 3 copies to maximise credit denial and disable Scarcity of Resources.
  • The Turning Wheel: I only ran 1 copy but I think I want 2 as finding it early is very strong.
  • Amina is more credit denial and with Nexus I don't think you need Engolo.
  • Aumakua + Datasucker allows you to get in most servers easily and puts pressure on the corp real fast if they have an undefended central. Not sure you need 3 Aumakuas, 2 might be enough. Datasucker is also good SDS fodder.
  • No fracters was a mistake. I could've been locked out vs Azmari due to Wraparounds. Just play a Tycoon.

Thanks to everyone who participated on the day. I had great fun and I hope you all did as well.

20 Apr 2019 TKO

Blueberry isn't a draw card. Click to draw it, click to play it, is 2 clicks to draw 2 cards. All it does is filter. drawing it clicklessly doesn't help either. it could have just been something else that you would want to draw into.