A Patchwork Orange, 1st place GLC Store Champs

Diomedes 121

As a long time shaper player, when I saw https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/60717/conspiracy-shop posted over the summer I immediately fell in love and have been playing it almost exclusively ever since. (aside from playing Leela at worlds as this deck really struggles vs ASA, but of course I only played vs glacier).

Card choices: Everyone has pretty much seen this style of deck by now so I won't go over everything. The main change in this build is spending 6 influence on diesel. The deck can be slow to set up, and diesel speeds you up quite a bit. The last influence pip had been a hunting grounds, but I wanted more hq pressure so I threw a turning wheel in and it has been pretty good. Aside from those two cards the list is pretty standard.

Gameplay: This deck makes an incredible amount of money, and talut really helps out vs the ice that the bin breakers typically struggle against. So mainly just get your econ engine going, and then remote camp/rnd lock until you win or agendas pile up in hq and you can snipe them from there. I'm not the best runner player, but having 30+ credits for much of the game gives you quite the cushion.

Matchups: ASA and Titan are both difficult, but not completely unwinnable. In my experience the deck is favored vs most glacier decks, punitive decks, and HHN decks. CTM is a bit tricky, but having 2 link helps a lot in that matchup.

GLC SC: The deck went 6-0, winning against 3 sportsmetals, 1 mirrormorph, 1 asa, and a blue sun. Luckily the ASA was the punitive version, so I was able to keep up and stay out of punitive range. The rest of the decks were all fairly glaciery, even the sportsmetals, so I got a bit lucky from a matchup standpoint and managed to win a lot of close games. Corp side I played Lostgeek's Palana from Worlds which also went undefeated and is just a great deck. Lastly; thanks to Dirjel and DanB for running a great tournament!

10 Jan 2021 Baa Ram Wu

Congrat on the win! Love the fact this deck archetype is still doing well!

I wonder if this type of deck would benefit from a copy of E3 feedback implants - would save 2 credits a go against all that pesky 3 sub ice?