NEH Railgun, 1st place Varberg SC

Siegl 621

Based on Cerberus's Disposable HQ Railgun variant with -1 Anonymous Tip +1 Hatchet Job to handle some of the hate.

I've played it in two SCs together with Temüjin/Clone Chip Whizzard.

First SC in Malmö I came in shared 2nd place, unfortunately only six players. This deck won vs Leela and Kit, both with regular 24/7>Boom, no full combo needed. Lost against Dyper.

Second SC in Varberg had 16 players; 4 rounds of swiss + top 4. In swiss I won vs Smoke with 24/7>Boom, vs Andy by scoring out! Lost against Whizzard. That together with an ID gave me third seed. In top cut I lost to Dyper, then won vs Valencia with the full combo and then vs Leela with 24/7>Boom.

So my total record with this deck is 6-2, one win by scoring out, 4 by 24/7>Boom and only one! with the full combo.