Who's Counting? - 1st Store Championship Krefeld

ff0X 805

The basic Andromeda @Jackmade, Shuffler and myself have been playing for a long time.

While this SC had the really low count of just 6 players, we had a nice field and only Andy present twice.

1st round (vs Omega) I faced Architects of Tomorrow in the first round. I was able to keep him poor, despite wasting my first Siphon thanks to Sealed Vault .... Afterwards Sneakdoor and Turning Wheel did their job while being supported by the money from Temujin Contracts and Kati Jones.

2nd (vs Axul) He was playing Hasty CI and was flooded pretty badly so the game didn't last long. My starting hand was pretty much perfect, too.

3rd (vs Mythras) He played Weyland: Builder of Nations, very similar to the current decklist of the week. He didn't find his 3rd ice fast enough so Sneakdoor and Temujin gave me lots of money and valuable accesses. Backed up by Kati Jones for the more expensive runs and John Masanori to replace the lost card each turn the game was quite one-sided.

Overall I am quite happy with the evolution of the deck over the past months. Only matchup I really don't like is RP Prison but even that isn't terrible.

16 Feb 2017 tonybluehose

I recognize all these names from TeamworkCast! Did you guys record the games?

17 Feb 2017 ff0X

Unfortunately nothing was recorded. TeamworkCast was not present.

18 Feb 2017 TonyStellato

Love it!