Tap Andy

johno 585

3rd at 17-person SC, 1st in swiss

4-0 in swiss 0-1 in cut

15 Jan 2017 rojazu

Nice deck i have been trying to get the casts back for awhile. My latest version is this with corroder over clip, 1 wheel, 1 kati, 1 masonori.

15 Jan 2017 FBI.Net

Great deck and welldone on your placing. Basically i was thinking dropping taps and citadel for 3-2 Aaron maron, freeing up 2-3 cards slots. They kinda do a very similar thing. What are your thoughts on this.

16 Jan 2017 clercqie

With no John Mas, do you think the taps are worth it in non-NBN matchups?