Usain Bolt

mcg 633

After building a corp deck based purely on the rush I thought I'd try and do the same with the runner. The plan is simple: money up, install SMC (and CC if possible), Index then FTE/Mad Dash/Maker's Eye for a big score. Money up and repeat.

The thing it's lacking is draw, which was painfully obvious in my first game when I didn't find an SMC until the bottom half of the deck, leading to a timed loss. Games two and three were painfully similar; a big score being followed by Midseasons Boom (have I mentioned how much I hate Midseasons?). Game four was a real grind against an Anson Rose deck which managed to glacier R&D and HQ then use Trick of Light shenanigans to score out.

Despite the impressive 0-4 record I think there's something to work with here; Indexing Mad Dash is awesome.

11 Mar 2017 disperse

Nice, I love Ele decks.

Maybe some Test Runs to increase your chances of getting the programs you need? You can even Test Run a Self-modifying Code.

To avoid Midseasons, slot in a Film Critic or two.

Peace in Our Time seems antithetical to the theme of this deck. Use the influence on a Legwork and a Stimhack. Those cards win games!