Rocky Mti - 2nd Belgian Nationals

Okkdoko 1119

~ To the tunes of Eye of the Tiger~

made a run, happend so fast

had your creds, took your chances,

you arrived, almost access

just a run and your will for the steal

it's the ice of the MTI and the crush of your dreams

being installed in the bottom of the server

and the net damage takes the last cards from your grip

and you can't steal because of the ice of the MTI


Besides memes I don't have much news, since Mti is a known quantity by now. Hell even the memes aren't mine but courtesy of local memelord Driesel. I went through the usual iterations after MWL2.2 by trying GFI, Obo, and surveyor as restricted. I Quickly settled on GFI since I kept losing randomly when runners stole 3 points. Fairchild3 also more than makes up for the loss of Surveyor, arguably it's even better since it's good at all stages of the game, and on all remotes. MVPs were Bio Vault and Philotic: jamming in the remote until the runner is sick of your ruses, and then NA the Philotic is Real Netrunner.

25 Sep 2018 Tolaasin

Was super to meet and play you, Michiel. Congrats on doing so well. Our game was one of the hardest I’ve ever had to play, thank you for being such a generous opponent.