Vamp Sunny

Klopstock 628

Full credit for this deck goes to TheBigBoy, Alexis Spicer and Wilfy Horig of the Winning Agenda. Thanks for sharing the list!

Uploaded just for ABR-purposes.

My Hasty CI.

14 Mar 2017 themeanlady

Let it be known that TheBigBoy had nothing to do with this

Don't listen to his lies

14 Mar 2017 TheBigBoy

The meanest lady. The betrayal is real.

I made this thing. Gave to Alexis. Cutting 3rd vamp is wrong kids.

14 Mar 2017 HolyMackerel

Question! Waves hand in the air
How come you don't use Security Nexus? It's in-faction, and super-powerful. In Sunny, it doesn't even need support link.

14 Mar 2017 TheBigBoy

You basically don't run ever. You would probably only use the nexus about 4-5 times all game. Your plan is to Vamp to cripple them, then Vamp when they recover, then win in the 1-3 turns after that. Nexus doesn't help this at all.

14 Mar 2017 Krams

But then... Why Sunny?

14 Mar 2017 APZachariah

Why Sunny if you're not going to lean on the link? Why not just Kate and Eater?

14 Mar 2017 funeral0polis

@TheBigBoy mind sharing your list? What do you cut to get the inf. for the 3rd Vamp?

14 Mar 2017 TheBigBoy

@APZachariahI tried shaper builds and they are too slow. Needing to install additional support cards to turn on UWC and to keep on Data Folding is really bad. If you play Eater then Crisium Grid wrecks you and you have a huge weakness to ABT.

@funeral0polis-2 SMC -2 estrike - 1 Keyhole +3 RDI +1 Vamp +1 Beth

14 Mar 2017 Klopstock

@TheBigBoy I am sorry, I didn't know this was originally your list. Edited the description :)

And about the third Vamp: You may be right, but I really like the Keyhole. Okay, you can't R&D-lock the opponent as well, but it is much easier to win in the couple of turns you have, where the enemy is broke. Also, the SMCs are very helpful for finding your Breakers in time. I don't really like having only two of each Breaker in a 50-card-deck.

15 Mar 2017 Krams

That's why most Sunny decks pack Special Order. It's not as great as SMC, but cheaper in influence.

15 Mar 2017 TheBigBoy

I just play more copies of the breakers...

22 Mar 2017 jdonor

@TheBigBoy what would you cut to fit in the extra copy of each of the breakers?