Herbarts Hasty CI 1.1

Klopstock 628

The second version of my CI deck (long writeup can be found here), which I played at the Store Championship at Highlander Games, Bremen. This time around it didn't do so well, going 2-3 on the day, matching up with my Runner deck.

The changes I made to the former list were cutting a Lateral Growth and the Reuse for an Ark Lockdown and a Targeted Marketing. The Lockdown is just a nice utility card, which can be useful in lots of different games. It can remove Clot, Parasites, conspiracy breakers and much more. And the Targeted Marketing is, like the Reuse, Siphon protection. But it can be useful against non-Siphon Runners as well, removing Strikes and maybe getting you some money. I think the new cards are definitely worth the slots.

Round 1 - Good Stuff Andy - Loss: When he dropped a Paperclip into the bin I Archived Memories my Localized Product Line to Lockdown it out (because I had Mother Goddess in front of HQ and Paper Walls protecting R&D and Archives), but the next round he just installed his Vamadeva. This tempo hit, combined with a well-timed Legwork sealed the deal.

Round 2 - Temüjin Kim - Win: I was going up against Kim. This matchup is quite snowbally in my experience and depends mostly on the first three to four turns. If Kim can secure access to HQ in most turns he will win. If you can keep him out long enough you can get away with the win before he trashes everything. In this game, the latter was the case, because he couldn't get enough Parasites in time.

Round 3 - Hate Bear - Loss: Hate Bear is a really bad matchup for this deck. Mass Siphons and AI breakers to get them to stick are not a good combination. Also my opponent had a godlike draw, which made things even worse. Turn 1 Faust & Siphon, Turn 2 Medium and backed up by 3 Injects, 2 I've had Worses and one of each of the cutlery cards in the first ~25 cards. In most other games I maybe could've changed lines of play to make things better, in this one, not so much.

Round 4 - Standard Smoke - Loss: Normally this should be a pretty good matchup, but I misplayed twice and lost due those mistakes. First turn, I got too greedy and instead of icing up my centrals I played Hedge Fund, Violet Level Clearance, Targeted Marketing on Indexing. He just Temüjin'd and got money (and an Efficiency Committee). The second mistake was placing a Mother Goddess on R&D, because I was afraid of Indexing and Maker's Eye. But three rounds later, I had almost all of my agendas in hand, where he could simply pluck them one by one.

Round 5 - DLR Andy - Win: This was an absolute freak game, which I won in something like Turn 15. Absolutely ridiculous. My draw was terrible, but his was even worse, letting me score out (more or less) comfortably with 8 cards left in R&D.

All in all, I still think the deck is really strong, but I will try out some more variations. Also, avoid the Hate Bear.

13 Mar 2017 Feed

Why Paper Wall over Vanilla?

13 Mar 2017 Klopstock

The ICE suite in this deck may be a mistake. Soon, I will try a more traditional Hasty-suite, with taxing ICE like Ichi 1.0 and Fairchild 3.0.

But for now, this suite is solely designed for gearcheck purposes. Just like in CI7, which plays similar combinations of ICE, it should just keep the Runner from accessing as long as possible, while still being cheap to rez. In this kind of suite, Paper Wall fits perfectly. Vanilla has actually only one upside over Paper Wall, and that is the constant tax of 1 (rarely two or a card, depending on their breakers). On the other hand, Paper Wall has three advantages:

  1. It survives one turn before crumbling to Parasite.
  2. An Atman 0 (which already breaks Quandary and Rototurret) can not break it.
  3. And the Pop-on-Break actually can oftentimes be an upside, by removing the Barrier subtype from your Mother Goddess.

All these upsides together make Paper Wall a great addition to this suite. After changing the ICE and testing it for some time, I played the deck on Jinteki.net and forgot to update the list, meaning I played with Vanillas. And it just felt much worse. As I said, maybe some tax would be good, and then I can definitely see the switch back to Vanilla, but as it is, Paper Wall is definitely superior.