Czech Regional - 3rd (4-0-1 Swiss, 0-2 top cut)

Rodge 47

Credit for deck goes to Joseki (

My changes are -1 Dirty Laundry, -1 Datasucker for a +1 Ice Carver +1 Trope. Datasucker needs to be charged, where Ice Carver is constant (and Anarch breakers need that -1). As a 1-off, the Dirty Laundry isn't great, whereas Trope wins longer games. My best example was getting hit with a Tithonium and losing my Ice Carver, RNG Key and Datasucker. 6 turns later, all 3 were back on the table, saving me so much money.

With Maxx being so popular, I expected more Skorpios than I saw - hence the 3xAnarch breakers. I think it's a great safety net, in the current meta, and also allows you to get to your breakers quicker.

Most of the time, the Mining Accident isn't worth it. Corps either have so much money that they'll pay it off. Or they'll take the bad pub, since one extra credit per run doesn't matter. Ice Carver saves you 3 credits so often, that it's a necessary in this deck. So my next changes to this will be -3 Mining Accident, +2 Ice Carver +1 Stimhack