Victorinox v54 (4th place All Aboard GNK Q1)

sigma83 293

The one stop econ shop returns, but with the power of Peace in Our Time to significantly smooth out early turns. Any opening hand with Peace in Our Time is a keepable opening hand - previously the odds for opening + mulligan without Opus or a Tutor for Opus or Personal Workshop was just under 7 percent, now it's under 5 percent with a Peace. I would love to run 2 but it's nowhere near as flexible as Stimhack and Lady is a requirement now that Eli is off the MWL and cards like Seidr Adaptive Barrier and Chiyashi are being played.

D4V1D is less necessary with the local metagame shifting to a slower pace, so it was cut for Clot to fight against HB and NBN. Vamp was a mistake, should have been Archives Interface. Opus + Vamp seems like a good idea but corp econ nowadays is bonkers, yo.

Also Opus lets you put up a seriously good fight against Asset Spam and Prison decks so long as you can build your board at the same time. If I had Archives Interface instead of Vamp those would be easy, easy wins.

Round 1 vs: NEH Asset Spam.

I had the Assets completely under control until I missed 2 Team Sponsorships and then the board became too hard to wrangle. Despite tons and tons of Daily Business Show triggers, agendas were not co-operating with the NBN player - he only got to 4 points before I went from 3-7 in one turn through single accesses on R&D.

Round 2 vs: The World is Yours* Glacier

It turns out hitting NBN's R&D until agendas fall out is a really good strategy. Waited for NBN to force an Astro through a Flare protected remote, then stole 6 points in 3 runs because they couldn't rez R&D ice.

Round 3 vs: HB Fast Advance/Glacier hybrid.

HB opened well but I managed to control the Adonis Campaigns and force rezzes on multiple different servers to keep their econ down. Despite firing an ABT for a 4 ice R&D server, Atman 5 and Lady make quick work of Fairchild 3 and Eli 1, as does Parasite for NEXT Silver. I remembered to keep 4 for NAPD and Stimhack and Peace in Our Time provided the econ jumpstart I needed to keep pace with ETF. Single R&D Interface won it up in the end.

Round 4 vs Replicating Perfection Prison.

Kept on top of all of RP's assets, trashing several bioethics, many sundews and Mumba Temples - but missed a Clone Suffrage Movement and Friends in High Places spam began. Despite all this, Astrolabe and Beth kept me afloat; Got to 5 points and almost won but got too hasty and faceplanted a Chiyashi on HQ when the smarter play was to check R&D (had femmed the Chiyashi there) or check the remote the corp had just iced the previous turn - I would have won on either.


I would like a Deus X just to deal with the amount of AP ice in the meta right now, especially a way to get past a surprise Chiyashi for cheap. The Mad Dash I never saw, although I don't think it's really going to be a strong choice given that R&D lock is often a little unpredictable. Vamp will definitely become Archives Interface - every corp I want Vamp for (every flavor of HB, Prison decks) has waaay too much econ nowadays; whereas Archives Interface can outright win the game if it's installed at the right time.

Cutting Clot for 3x Peace in Our Time is something I aim to test. That might allow a 2nd Atman to allow the creation of an incredibly specific rig (Atman 4 + Atman 5 + Cyber Cypher absolutely wrecks nearly any server HB can create.)

24 Apr 2017 PureFlight

Agree on Archives Interface - it really helps against most degenerate matchups because they tend to rely on recursion. In games where I install AI, they often double-ice archives, leaving their other centrals much more accessible.

Did you get much use out of Parasite without Datasucker? And did you want a Paricia for the asset matchups, or is Mopus good enough?

24 Apr 2017 sigma83

@PureFlight I have been testing Archives Interface the last few days against non-asset NBN and even there it does a ton of good. May keep permanently just because Friends In High Places is very common in my meta.

Re: Parasite Yes, Parasite is super high value. Parasite is so I don't have to commit cyber-cypher to a quandary, killing vanillas, pop ups, resistors, rototurrets, komainus, next silvers - or just any particularly problematic ice which I can just leave the parasite on to tick away.

Paricia is SUPER value in an asset matchup to the point where it's easily worth 20-30 credits by itself. The reason I didn't include it was that I was not expecting many asset matchups - I was assuming glacier or kill, hence the plascrete. The Plascrete slot (and technically the Mad Dash slot) can be used as countertech - Paricia is probably favored over Net Shield even if Net Shield will absolutely wreck any prison matchup simply because Paricia is more flexible. The other possible slots are Film Critic if you're not great at psi games, a second Maker's Eye if you face a lot of rush/fast avandce NBN, Misdirection to fight tagstorms, or a Pol-Op + Peace in Our Time to replace Clot against Glaciers.

24 Apr 2017 sigma83

@PureFlightoh also Deus X is probably a better slot than net shield just for flexibilty, although if for some reason your meta is crawling with red decks running both is possibly justified