Program • Install: 5 • Memory: 2 • Influence: 2

: Gain 2.

The Great Work was completed on a rainy Thursday afternoon. There were no seismic shifts, no solar flares, no sign from the earth or heavens that the world had changed. But upstalk in Heinlein, on a single Cybsoft manufactured datacore, the flickering data quantums of an account began to fill with creds. Real, honest-to-goodness UN certified creds.
Shaper • Outland Entertainment LLC • Core Set 44
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Magnum Opus

A resource-hungry card that helps a runner with extra memory demolish the late game. The initial cost of this card is huge, so plan carefully when you have the clicks and creds to spend on setup rather than running. However, once installed, the runner can rack up credits like a Weyland deck, 8 a turn! Kati Jones takes three turns to charge up that much, Liberated Account runs out after it returns 10, and Day Job is far less flexible in its payoff.

But the memory required can be a huge problem if you want ancillary programs. Unless you have crazy amounts of MemStrips, it'll rarely fit in a virus deck. Criminals have plenty of money making schemes without resorting to boring programs. Without a console, this card will cut a breaker suite short by one type, leaving you vulnerable. As such, this card works well with Shapers, who can often get a lot of hardware down quickly, or make runs work with only one breaker through Tinkering or Rielle "Kit" Peddler: Transhuman. Chaos Theory: W√ľnderkind is another good candidate for this card.

It is an old, boring card in a game with many newer options for economy generation. But as a reliable, reusable program it is still a solid choice for many decks.