Why Does My Head Ache? (33th EACC, 23th GerNats)

Shorty 169

Bored Me

This is the Esa list I brought together with my Pravdivost to EACC & German Nationals.

And its bad. Well, no its good! The truth is, it can be both but its so random its impossible to say eather.

Gameplan is super one dimensional: Give yourself one Core Damage each turn until you milled enough agendas to win. Except for the Chastushkas, you want to line them up together with a Mad Dash.

No Ice destruction, no multiaccess, next-to-no remote pressure. Drink a beer (if you are legally allowed to), enjoy yourself and watch your opponent dig for Spin Doctors.

There is only so much core damage cards in the pool yet, so you need to non-stop overinstall your tongues and marrows just for sabotage value to keep up the fun.


Very random. But its not that dumb as it first seems, its has some cool lines of play and its just an absolute blast to run. I had a lot of close and tense games with it, so I thought it might be worth sharing.

For the new banlist you can easily switch Rezeki with Fermenter and Pad Tap with Creative Commission, you probably won't notice the difference. In fact, Sabotage might even profit with the Corps losing some recursion tools.

Thanks to all the lovely people I played over the last 3 weeks, to all the TOs and of course to Armin Firecracker & Psygamer for the relaxing weekend! Special shoutout to November for the amazing gift =)