Harvey Toothpaste (6th Euros 2019)

Saintis 387

This is my personal take on @twisty_b's deck from the Taunton SC. I swapped out the Snare!'s for Data Ravens, and changed one Hortum to an Afshar.

The deck went 4-0 in the swiss (with 3 IDs). It won against Leela, Freedom, CT and 419. It sadly lost two games in the cut against 419 and Leela.

The deck is really fun to play, and lets you really fork the runner with dedication CWP, and reversed accounts. Sometimes you can slow-roll a SDS if the runner thinks it's an NGO / RA.

4 Jun 2019 twisty_b

Mr Toothpaste, still doing work ... congrats on the excellent finish :)

4 Jun 2019 Cliquil

According ABR we played at Euros which means you also beat a Jesminder! :D

4 Jun 2019 Cliquil

Wait... ignore me - I think you shared decks with my actual opponent. Well played though!