The Flies Dive It (3-2 @ B-COM)

DanaCWSF 19

This deck came from trying to add Deep Dive to DoomRat's Kabonesa Deck and then let my sleep deprived brain come up with a wild dream. What if we just deep dive 3 times in a turn? Anyway, the deck isn't BAD BAD as I, an historically terrible player at the runner side, managed to win more than lose, even if I had never piloted it or tested it before round 1 and had no practice before this event because I had to do overtime for a month just so my vacation days were aproved to go. YAY capitalism...

Ranting aside, I had a lot of fun playing this deck. I lost again PD, went 1-1 against BtL, won against The Outfit and Reality Plus. Sadly I can barely remember the specifics of any one match so I can't comment much on that. But they all were mostly about the same thing, me interacting only the bare minimum to slow the corp while I try to build up my combo of OotA+Swift and run events that help with access to activate Deep Dive for 0 clicks and little money (flame-out/Overclock), then go for two or ideally 3 Deep Dives if both Beth and TotLM are on the table.

Because I run so little, Compile turned out to be a dead card that I didn't use once and the 3 slots would have been much better used as a mix of either CC, Vrcation and Earthrise Hotel. PO never came up but I do think it's nice to have an answer to upgrades on R&D. I don't think I used missdirection either. Deep Dive is an amazing card and I WILL be playing 3 copies of it in any tournament until it either gets banned, powercrept or rotated out of standard.

Also B-COM was my first offline Netrunner event and it was an amazing experience, thanks to everyone who took the time to talk to me, to PSK, Pommes, Vesper, Percomis and everyone else who helped organize this amazing event, and to my roommate for the weekend Yarrick, who helped build this atrocity and had to deal with me fallin asleep mid conversation only to wake up at 4AM sunday and start making a deck for the start-up event which totally wasn't just this deck but in Ayla and startup legal.