Moonshot - Successful Jank Test

wynalazca 162

So this is basically the rebirth of Robocop but in CI with Successful Field Test. Everyone is trying to live the SFT dream and build giant walls of ICE in CI but have not figured out how to actually afford to rez anything after it's installed. I put 2 and 2 together and realized the best way to rez ICE is to make them free!

Estelle Moon can be crazy but I'm not sure if she's actually good in here since there aren't tons of assets to spam and build up counters for the crazy value she can bring. Might consider dropping her for the 3rd Brain-Taping Warehouse and 3rd Hedge Fund.

I had trouble cutting this list down to 49 so I ended up removing some of my HUGE bioroids for smaller versions and cut a Brain-Taping Warehouse (RIP Wotan and Janus). With 1 BTW, Fairchild costs 3 to rez, and Heimdall 1.0 and Ichi 2.0 both cost 2 to rez. Everything else will be free.

Elective Upgrade because 8 agendas saves a card slot over 9 and I'm terrible at cutting things down.

How to play:

Durdle like all good CI players do, draw a decent hand size and credit pool. Use Jeeves + Biotic Labor to fast advance a Successful Field Test and drop the biggest bomb possible on the runner. Install all of your ice, Surat City Grid in a remote and probably one of your centrals, and at least 1 Brain-Taping Warehouse. Then on the runner's turn before they spend a click, rez as much of this as you can for free! Bonus points if you use an Advanced Assembly Lines in the remote to trigger Surat which lets you rez a single ICE on a non-Surat server after rezzing everything in that server, then you pop the AAL to install something else in there and rez it to trigger Surat and then rez another ICE on a non-Surat server.

This build could probably use some work with a lot more effort, but the fundamental framework is very solid. I'm 6-1 with it and I just threw it together last night. I'm 4-0 after making a handful of changes which definitely make it better and cutting it down to 49 from 54. I hope a better deck builder fixes this deck because it's hilarious. I've successfully triggered the combo in all 7 of my games, even with some really awkward and bad draws while also dealing with e-strikes, siphons, and vamps. One game I got a concession at 2-0 after firing off the combo. Runner laughed and conceded.

This is how you play Successful Field Test in CI. Deal with it runners.

9 May 2017 LynxMegaCorp

Here you go:

You're welcome. <3

9 May 2017 wynalazca

@Lynx Kuroneko

I think Surat-Brain-Taping is a much stronger combo than Amazon Industrial Zone. These decks are very different.

10 May 2017 LynxMegaCorp

I ran Surat quite a lot before making the switch. I'm pretty happy with it. Sure, its less necessary now that Blackmail is neutered, but that discount adds up!

Fun fact - I also ran Akitaro Watanabe with Surat! :D