johno 593

published by AlwaysBeRunning.net

Good old boring Andromeda. Games with this deck break into three stages:
- Get your economy on-line. Empty a Temujin, get SecTesting/Despo online, get a Kati, whatever. Marron for draw economy.
- Disrupt the corp with Siphons and pressure while you rig up. Get a Medium, and hopefully Wheel as well.
- Drop a Temujin on R&D, and then go and win with Medium/Wheel.

Finished second in Swiss and second in cut of a 16-person Store Champs. Shamelessly stolen from Laurie Poulter with only minor changes, including a Sanctuary in case of murder, and a Casts because... I like it? I am not a master deckbuilder.

Round 1: Beat Dave Saiya, on Railgun - Didn't draw the Sanctuary, but an early Marron meant Dave had to shutdown combo, and multiple consecutive Siphon turns kept Dave on the back foot. Medium to win, as always.
Round 2: Beat Peter Cox, on Rushy HB - I was concerned this would be glacier and kept a hand full of run-based econ, hoping to maximise it early, but a turn 1 Scarcity absolutely wrecked me with my 7-resource starting hand. I stumped up for an Earthrise and a SecTest when it became obvious he was rushing and not glacier and pulled myself into the game. Once I found Strike, the gates opened and I was able to apply Medium/Wheel/Temujin pressure on R&D that Peter never recovered from.
Round 3: Beat Adam Fitzgerald, on Rush Grail Palana - An early strike and an uniced R&D gave me a route to get ahead on money. I ploughed into a Merlin I couldn't break and a Lancelot from hand killed Mongoose. I slowed and grabbed Femme and completed my rig and could close out on R&D. Adam didn't ever find Batty, which could have changed the game.
Round 4: Lost to Laurie Poulter, on "Joeybacks" Asset Spam - Totally fell behind after a slow start and could never recover. When you lose to asset spam, you lose hard.

Elim Round 3: Beat Dave Culemann, on Hasty CI - Turn 1 strike was great. Dave had no way to recover for a long time, so VLCs and BLCs remained unplayed. I landed multiple siphons in the mid-game to set him back. Medium/Wheel to win.
Final: Lost to Toby Chippington-Derrick on Hasty CI - No such luck with Strike in my second game against Hasty, but I landed an early Siphon or two to set Toby back. He scored a Vitruvius first which suggested he hadn't found EffCom. He got up to six points, but I had a Medium and Wheel, with Temujin on R&D and was able to get lots of accesses, whiffing. I assumed the agendas were in HQ instead, so ran and emptied the Wheel to access 4 from 6 cards. I stole just one agenda (it would transpire that both the cards I missed were also agendas). If I had hit multiple agendas, I would have won. If I had hit the one 3/2 left in the game, he would have had no outs. As it was, he won on the following turn.