Core 2.0 Teaching League (1st)

SpaceIce 368

Corp deck for @FightingWalloon's teaching league where it didn't drop a game. Threw this together in the first week and made zero (0) changes afterwards, even though 3 Trick of Lights is definitely the right call. Lots of cheap ice for rushing behind, and then either Tollbooths, Tricks of Light, or *****mind games***** for the mid/endgame. Mostly it's just a matter of going faster than they can install all their expensive breakers.

Other thoughts:

  • Hokusai probably doesn't do enough.
  • Neural Katana sucks, but you gotta have something mean. Probably would've been better to find room for Rototurrets, especially because they have an ETR. Ichi did some nice things in a couple of games though, and is never blank in a core set environment, so I liked having one around.
  • I love Yagura. No one can convince me this isn't the best ice.
  • The one off Ronin got a surprising amount of kills (1), but 2 or 0 is probably the way to go.
15 Apr 2018 prot

I have a hard time seeing the, what seems to be, brilliance in Yagura that you see. Can you elaborate on how you love it so much? Seems I must've missed something and i'm always interesting in learning something new :)

I'm thinking; it's cheap... and good as a first off ICE. But later on in the game? Just as a filler or are you using a combo with another card?

16 Apr 2018 SpaceIce

No particular brilliance, just a pet card that I enjoy. It is good though in this deck, reasonable facecheck, protects R&D well, 2 to break for 1 to rez. Keeps a rushy deck spiky enough that runners need to keep their head on straight. In a deck that tries to go pretty quick sometimes it's all you really need on R&D. Also in this tournament someone tried to index me through a Yagura without breaking it and I think tying to figure out how to stack the deck so he could come back through next turn to steal nearly melted his brain.