[Standard] Robbing R&D 8th @Antwerp Circuit Opener

AlPi 102

I'm new to standard but had a wild idea. The dream was to have a mega turn where I coud instal Conduit, Contaminate, run R&D, force the corp to shuffle R&D with Because I Can and run R&D again. And how do I get so many clicks in 1 turn? My answer to this was Peace in Our Time + Beth and Running Hot. I'm still loving this idea but in this tournament I got Neurospiked to death turn 3, or I faced Sportsmetal that scored way to fast. In the end this deck went 1/4. Feel free to ask any questions about my deck choices :D

22 Aug 2022 ayyyliens

Waart gij ni pad tap + peace ant spelen?

23 Aug 2022 AlPi

Nee hoor, dit was exact wat ik aan het spelen was. Is pad tap nodig met peace?