Moons, 1st place NA champs

itsbigfoot 2811

Description and dumb gifs after i fly home.

Definitely had a typo posting this, 2 jacksons and 2 AAL. My phone does not agree with NRDB sometimes

22 Aug 2017 helanhalvan

As someone wondering if the Moons deck would be hurt by rotation, it is good to see that Losing a 2/3 in Project Vitruvius is not a much of a problem. There does not seem to be much in this list that is lost with rotation, other then Jackson. Replacing 3 Jackson and 1 Architect with 2 Wampoa Reclamations and some other cards.

24 Aug 2017 FightingWalloon

Congratulations. The link from Always Be Running does not go to this page. If you can fix that, you might want to.