Casual Zahya

GammaCodeX 58

This deck is for casual kitchen table play

The idea is to use Conduit together with Zahya's ability to put high pressure on R&D. Even with just a few counters the runner can look long into future draws for the corporations and "lock" them out of drawing agendas. Zahya's ability makes it hard to tax the runner out of doing that, so they will need to purge counters early and often.

The deck uses Self Modifying Code to quickly find Conduit. With both mutual favor and self modifying code it should be easy to find the right breakers as you need them, with Laser Pointer providing safety against dangerous ice types.

The remaining cards are mostly economy with notable pressure on defenseless servers (pennyshaver, security testing, red team, dirty laundry)

A few cards to pressure HQ and get value of out Zahya when conduit is purged or R&D well defended (docklands pass, legwork, jailbreak, WAKE implants)

There's also a splash of bypassing abilities (boomerang, inside job)

And finally with both Legwork and Conduit Amelia Earhart shouldn't be too difficult to charge up, further slowing down the corporation

13 May 2024 Roust1942

@Block Blast

This is a creative and potentially very effective Zahya deck. It highlights an interesting strategy and utilizes her ability well. Consider tweaking the deck based on the Corp decks you face most often in your meta.