Same Ol' MaxX (3rd NH regionals)

phette23 2213

The archetype that's existed pretty much since Order & Chaos with very few new cards. Ho hum.

I played 3 Employee Strike in hopes of crushing Ag Infusion, Cerebral Imaging, Industrial Genomics, Replicating Perfection, etc. since all of those tend to lean heavily on their ID abilities. I guessed wrong that people would want to play Obokata Protocol & Miraju, basically. This build pretty much cedes the HB Moons matchup so I put in 3 Scrubber but that doesn't work since you can't contest early assets and they can duck siphons easily. Siphon Whiz with strikes likely has more even matchups across the board. But MaxX is still the best runner ever.

I beat NEH Moon/BOOM!, axeidents Skorp (thank you, Employee Strike!), lost to an HB fast advance badly in the cut. I mostly played on corp on the day, as you can see.